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Babani Records Showcase

November 25 • 21:00


Embark with us on a captivating audio-visual odyssey, where ternary rhythms ripple from neighbouring islands and beyond, extending a compelling invitation to dance. Witness the vibrant fusion of sound and sight, immersing yourself in a sensory voyage that transcends boundaries and beckons you to move to the enchanting beats. Held both in the House of Digital Courtyard as well as inside the Immersive Space, the evening will be filled with a showcase of utmost quality:

Babani Soundsystem (Live Audio & Visuals)
Babani Soundsystem is Babani Record’s creative branch where live audio and visual productions intertwine to craft an all-encompassing experience. Welcome to a realm where the magic of the Indian Ocean comes alive in a symphony of sight and sound.

Brainlove (Warm-up)
Over the past two decades, Ackshey, also known as Brainlove, has delved into unconventional realms of music, diverging from mainstream paths. His exploration has led him to create a musical landscape that is eclectic, psychedelic, adventurous, and brimming with musicality. Infused with the influence of a vibrant and outlandish music culture, coupled with exposure to diverse continents, Brainlove has honed the skill of blending instrumental resonances with finesse. The result is a unique expression of harmony, love, and happiness.

Avneesh, Ayef & Woréka (DJ Sets)
Elevating this immersive and holistic showcase are the dynamic pillars of Babani Records—Avneesh, Ayef, and Woréka. Fueled by an electrifying energy, they’ve meticulously crafted a back-to-back set destined to unleash a powerful surge within the label’s showcase in our Immersive Space. This combination promises not just a performance but a pulsating journey, inviting you to immerse yourself in a truly unique experience where the beats resonate with unparalleled vigor. Get ready to be swept away in a whirlwind of sound and energy as Babani Records takes center stage.


November 25


Address: 6 Edith Cavell Street
Port Louis, 11324 Mauritius
Phone: +230 214 9272


Fee: Rs 600 Early Bird Tickets, Rs 800 Regular Tickets
Age: as from 14 years old