secondnature, Indian Ocean • Immersive Space

Fler, presented by secondnature, is an audiovisual performance that delves into the captivating realm of flowers. Through videography and sound design, this immersive projection invites you to contemplate a mesmerising spectacle of vibrant colors and graceful motions.

Immerse yourself in a transformative experience as you are transported into the world of flowers. From the gentle transition from day to night, and as the seasons change, these resilient creatures embody a captivating range of shades and tones. Witness an ethereal moment where the harmonious interplay of sound and colours unveils the secret language of these beings.

secondnature’s artistic endeavour aims to unlock the profound beauty of the natural world through a meditative and introspective approach.

Art Direction: Karen Pang, Avneesh Bacha & Raoul Rampare
Sound Design: Asheel Tymun