Genesis IO

MotionWip, Europe • Immersive Space

Genesis IO, crafted by MotionWip, represents the result of extensive exploration into sensory and immersive spaces. Over the span of a decade, the creative duo has developed a special connection with Mauritius through various projects and experiments. They were actively engaged in all the three editions of the Porlwi Festival and more recently contributed to the Reunion Métis Festival in Reunion Island.

Taking inspiration from the rich biodiversity and elements of nature, Genesis IO serves as an extension of Motionwip’s thorough research and study on the creation and essence of the islands of the Indian Ocean.

With Genesis IO, the duo takes us on a mesmerising journey seen from an outsider’s perspective: it begins with the ancient oceans of molten magma, forming the Earth’s crust, leading us to the emergence of the first multicellular organisms, setting the stage for the subsequent evolution of life on land.

Through its abstract visual effects, Genesis IO is a real sensorial adventure through time, bringing us as close to the elements, a realm where humanity was yet to exist.

Art Direction: Toma Roda & Guillaume Martinaud
Sound Design: Nicolas Vaccaro & Mathieu Lalande