Multivers & Portals

Mathilde Fossy, Indian Ocean • Augmented Reality Islet

Mathilde Fossy presents a collection of graphic and photographic visuals that aim to challenge our perception of the world as we know it, unveiling pathways to new universes.

Multivers unlocks a cosmic gateway to an alternate dimension.

Portals brings together a collection of visuals that invite you to explore inner landscapes, mysterious apparitions and portals bridging reality and imagination.

Some of these visuals can be experienced through augmented reality inviting viewers on an immersive voyage into a parallel realm, unlocking fresh perspectives on time and space and inspiring us to think of alternative realities. Mathilde Fossy’s creative process stems from a deep connection with nature and a need to understand the underlying mechanics of the universe. The result is an authentic and innovative endeavour capturing the essence of metaphysics through the interplay of dynamic motion, polarity and juxtaposition.

Sound Design: Eat My Butterfly