Stéphanie Brossard, Indian Ocean • Volumetric Islet

The Parhélie project is a sensitive device that uses the sun as its main object of reflection. Stemming from a rare natural phenomenon, Parhélie offers an immersive and almost poetic experience of the intangible world. The parhelia is a photometeor. In other words, it is an atmospheric optical phenomenon that creates two replicas of the sun – and sometimes more – on either side of the celestial body. Documented since ancient times, it is an event that has sparked the curiosity of many civilisations, with the rich imagery invoking diverse myths and narratives. Even today, the sky remains a screen where multiple scenes unfurl, captivating our gaze.

The Sun has always served as a unifying force, connecting cultures that have never encountered one another. It journeys through the skies, shaping landscapes, and transcending geographical boundaries. It also represents the convergence point of perspectives that may all seem distant but share a profound closeness. In this installation work, the intention is to resonate with different geographical and temporal realities; to materialise the almost mythical bond between territories, cultures and distant realms, with the sky bearing witness to the scene unfolding. Drawing inspiration from the parhelia, this installation aims to expand the representations of the most powerful celestial body in our solar system, in order to explore scenarios that question our perception of reality.

Also referred to as the Phantom Sun, this event alludes to the potential existence of alternate worlds. Through a plethora of artistic representations, Parhélie invites us to reconsider our current understanding of the world and to contemplate the possible existence of parallel dimensions.