Sans-Titre—Laves du temps

Kid Kreol & Boogie, Indian Ocean • Street Art Space

Sans-Titre—Laves du temps is a cosmic lava tunnel that harnesses the diffraction of light, turning it into a spectrum of colours; over time, these colours gradually get subdued, symbolising the journey through time. The painting then disintegrates, vibrates and undulates through various forms and luminous arrangements. The duo from Reunion Island, Kid Kréol & Boogie, uses traditional symbolism and codes to convey their deep commitment to their culture, the reappropriation of their land, their ecosystem but also their dedication to a cultural heritage rooted in oral traditions that are slowly dwindling.

The merging of their viewpoints unveils a new distinct perspective, extending far beyond the world and Reunion island: a dwelling of creativity that blends metaphysics, mysticism and poetry, spanning from the realm of human existence to the vast expanse of the Universe. The geological connection by the duo in their artwork explores the link between our territories, their telluric and volcanic components, but mainly the close ties that have existed within the Indian Ocean since time immemorial. The laval tunnel thus emerges as a nexus between our islands, a transient pathway, carrying us beyond the realms of the ocean, the annals of history, and the very roots of our existence.

Sound Design: Boogzbrown