Spherical Variations

Damien Bénéteau, Europe • Kinetik Islet

Spherical Variations is a kinetic sculpture created by the artist, Damien Bénéteau. The Variations series is based on the movement of a pendulum, whose rhythm is determined by the specific weight of each mass. An interdisciplinary theme, shared among mathematics, astronomy, biology and music, the concept of variation implies a gap, a way of being different, which an animated sculpture can adopt to highlight its singularity. Furtively evoking the contours of a loudspeaker, a musical note or a metronome, these sculptures punctuate the music of time which ticks on and the echo of the beat of life. A slight push on the upper weight will activate the pendulum for a few minutes.

Photographer by training, Bénéteau creates art dedicated to light, capturing it in a way that renders it almost tangible.