MotionWip & MireDev, Europe • Interactive Islet

Through the interplay of topographic lines, Topos unveils the poetic essence of an untouched location where the currents of water and streams of light converge, intertwining sensory perceptions and analytic vision. Derived from the Greek words “topos” meaning “place” and “graphein” meaning “to draw”, the word topography is the science behind measuring and visually representing all the visible forms and intricate details of terrains—whether natural or man-made—on maps or plans.

Over millennia, Earth and our islands have been shaped and carved by relentless forces of nature: from shifting tectonic plates, to the rhythmic ebb and flow of oceanic currents, volcanic eruptions and relentless erosion. Topography thus serves as an essential tool to accurately survey, document and understand their landforms all while ensuring precise mapping of our natural spaces. In this creation, the artists had a vision of an immersive real-time experience; by leveraging video-mapping technology and three-dimensional spatial recognition, Topos is a playful yet poetic take on interactions with natural elements, moulding the sandbox space with playful manipulations of shapes, light and lines. Topos invites its audience to freely create their own universe. Manipulating sand and volcanic rocks in a playful manner to create reliefs, graphic games, and simultaneously modify the projected animated sequence.

Art Direction: Toma Roda & Guillaume Martinaud
Installation & Programming: MireDev
Visual Developer: Remi Grosson
Production: MotionWip Studio