House of Digital Art is an innovative cultural institution born in 2023, standing as a stoic guardian of innovation, creativity, culture and heritage in the bustling capital of Mauritius, Port-Louis.

An ode to the dynamic interplay between tradition and modernisation, House of Digital Art is tucked away in Edith, a 19th-century building telling tales of a bygone era, the interiors of our digital art space unfolding as a trove of modern installations. A space that reflects the breadth and depth of human creativity through a unique fusion of art, innovation, culture and society, where boundaries are blurred and diverse narratives intertwine, transcending time and space.
A gateway seamlessly weaving our collective heritage with the tapestry of individual tales.

House of Digital Art serves as a dynamic platform for emerging and established artists to showcase their visionary, interactive and immersive artworks through a transformative sensorial journey where art and technology intertwine, allowing for new dimensions of creativity to unfold through various digital mediums.


Our mission extends beyond exhibition: we strive to foster a vibrant community of artists, innovators, art enthusiasts and curious minds to redefine the art landscape…where ideas thrive, boundaries are shattered, our Indoceanic roots converge, pixels and codes unite and possibilities are limitless!

Cycle of Creativity graphic.

A modern rebirth celebrating our Mauritian heritage, La Galerie du Génie is an 18th-century building now home to the House of Digital Art at the heart of Port Louis, a symbiotic blend of old and new. A site where cartographer Lislet Geoffroy once safeguarded, curated and drew maps of the Indian Ocean. Breathing new life into the walls of La Galerie du Génie with immersive, innovative and interactive digital art installations, House of Digital Art, an inclusive and welcoming new cultural landmark in the Indian Ocean region, aims to be a bridge between collective past and individual histories, between roots and futures, between islands, generations, and Indo-Oceanic cultures.

Brand promise

Pushing the frontiers of artistic expression

Our brand promises to become a convergence point where our rich heritage intersects with cutting-digital innovation, to unlock the full potential of digital art by empowering artists and engaging audiences with imaginative technological creations, to challenge conventions and to redefine artistic boundaries by unveiling digital masterpieces that captivate the senses and that spark creativity.


At House of Digital Art, we hold a set of core values that shape our identity and our commitment to showcasing exceptional digital art and fostering a vibrant and supportive community of artists, art-lovers, technology-enthusiasts, and curious minds.

-Trust: The very foundation of our space. We prioritise transparency and reliability, ensuring that artists and visitors alike can trust that we will uphold the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.

-Artistic flow: we believe in the power of artistic flow and we strive to create an environment where creativity, innovation and art can flow freely, nurturing a space where artists can explore their visions and audiences can be immersed in captivating digital artworks.

-The art of workmanship: we celebrate the dedication, craftsmanship and innovation that artists pour into their creations. Our creative space values the artistic process of the artists and their commitment to pushing boundaries and achieving excellence

-Simplicity: in the realm of digital art, we appreciate the beauty of simple things. We strive to present a user-friendly and accessible platform where visitors can effortlessly navigate through and appreciate the installations without any distraction.

-Respect: It is at the very core of our interactions, of our artworks, of who we represent. We value the diverse perspectives, ideas and voices within the digital art community. We promote an inclusive and respectful environment that honours artists, visitors and their contributions all at once.