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Welcome to House of Digital Art, also known as 1O, an innovative cultural institution. House of Digital Art located in Edith, an 18th-century building, at the heart of the bustling historic district of Port Louis, the capital city of Mauritius, is an unprecedented artistic venue in the Indian Ocean aiming to be a bridge between collective past and individual histories, between roots and futures, between islands, generations, and Indo-Oceanic cultures. Inclusive and welcoming, it inspires, transmits and brings communities together, through a diverse selection of digital art installations that push the boundaries of art, design, technology and society.

We are thrilled to present a diverse selection of digital art installations from immersive experiences, interactive, kinetik, augmented reality installations, to street art, performances and sound sculptures. This season showcases a range of artworks from artists around the world.

Through our program of exhibitions, events, artist residencies, workshops, and talks, we invite visitors to engage with art in new and exciting ways. House of Digital Art serves as a dynamic platform to emerging and established artists to explore and showcase their artworks through a transformative sensorial journey, allowing for new dimensions of creativity to unfold through various digital mediums.

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Toutes les îles sont des arbres

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