Inaugural Season Theme

S’il était un territoire entre midi et minuit.

Spanning over eight months, House of Digital Art’s inaugural season is themed around Edouard Maunick’s words “If there were a territory between noon and midnight” and his research exploring post-colonialism and the complexities of multiculturalism in the Indian Ocean, digging deep into it’s traditional roots.

Our islands are children of the ocean. One day, long ago, the Earth’s crust cracked. And from the depths of these fissures, the flow of volcanoes propelled these pieces of vibrant land to the surface of the Indian Ocean. The cartographers, like Lislet Geoffroy, drew their contours, inscribing their faces on the world map, laying ochre on the blue. But our islands did not fall asleep.

Under the trembling midday sun, in the depths of a mysterious night, do you feel the pulsations of those initial upheavals? Our islands speak to us.

Somewhere, in the interplay between brilliant light and the dance of shadows, artists delve into the depths of this memory. To reestablish the myths. To highlight new colors. To give birth to new territories.

Territories of sand and wind, of earth and banyans, of sea and marenwar, of dreams and hopes, of doubts, of questioning, of flashes of inspiration.

On the foundation of our original creation, our artists propose, here and now, to combine the history and future of our islands. To learn from our sources. To explore the depths of our diverse experiences. To recompose shared spaces. To reforge our imaginaries to irrigate new archipelagic identities.Our connected islands sailing into a reinvented journey at the heart of the world. Together. Diving into the possibility of a new emergence. A new wonder.

Written by Shenaz Patel

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